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Conserverie Azaïs-Polito Parc Aquatechnique Rue de Bruxelles 34200 Sète

AZAÏS-POLITO, Family and Craft Cannery for Fish-based prepared dishes is nowadays Known and Renowned for the Quality of its products which have become an absolute essential in a basket of products from the Languedoc Roussillon Terroir.
This small Family-run business is presently the last cannery in the City of Sète, first fishing harbour of the Mediterranean where it was founded in 1963 by two old families of Sète manufacturers. When she got married in 1945 with George AZAIS, famous Sétois Fishmonger and founder of the Criée of Sète (Open outcry trading), Lisette POLITO introduced her pasta manufacturing Family into the World of Fish …

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